Core competencies

Data & Analytics strategies

Our consulting services help our clients to develop a comprehensive data and analytics strategy as well as an actionable roadmap tailored to their unique needs
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Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering services helps with the setup, migration or operation of data streams and platforms to make your data-driven enterprise more powerful and effective.
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Analytics Services

Our Analytics services help you make informed decisions. Right from basic reporting solutions to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we bring your use cases to life.
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360° support for your success

1. Ideas generation

Idea Generation:  With extensive experience in advising executives and shaping requirements we help you set ambitious but realizable goals for your digitalization journey

02. Prioritization

By evaluating various ideas on the effort vs. benefits scale, we can help you build a stage-wise approach to implementing your priorities

03. Define scope

We scope the topics into byte sized chunks that can be implemented using our iterative “minimum viable product” or MVP approach

04. Agile execution

We leverage our top-notch, experienced and global IT expertise to implement the projects and priorities in an agile and structured way.

05. Continuous control

At the end of each iteration, we help you to review the result and further adjust the approach. In this way, you keep full control over the direction and also over your resources.

Use cases


  • Campaign Optimization
  • Attribution modeling
  • Chatbots and support
  • Web analytics
  • Churn modeling


  • Future forecast sales
  • Sales forecast support
  • Estimation of customer potential
  • Sales recommendation


  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Automate monthly reporting
  • Data modelling for self-service BI
  • Automated KPI calculations


  • Employee sales modeling
  • Optimal staffing
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Recruitment and selection


  • Predictive inventory management
  • Failure prediction
  • Real-time performance dashboard
  • Network optimization


  • Set up platform / & performance
  • Data technology and automation
  • Technology migration
  • Self-service BI
  • Operational support