Establishment of a high performance data analytics team

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Advanced data analytics is more important than ever. Companies want to evaluate and use the potential of collected data. Advanced data analytics teams play an essential role in achieving success and allowing the company to benefit from the data collected. A wide variety of organizations, like us at Expert-Extend from Bonn, form and put together highly qualified and efficient advanced data analytics teams in order to achieve your goals.

The 5 typical roles in data analytics teams

An advanced data analytics team needs the following roles:

  • Data Engineers
  • Data visualization experts
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Translator / Storyteller

Data Engineers

Data engineering is about data collection, storage of the relevant data, processing, enrichment and making the data available to the subsequent entities. The data engineer works with ETL tools, which were developed to extract and process collected data, as well as data maps that describe where the data is located in a company. Data engineering is therefore the essential preparatory work that has to be done and is the prerequisite for being able to continue working with data. The team is dependent on data engineering.

Data Scientists

The data scientist is concerned with analyzing the collected data in a targeted and exploratory manner. However, the data scientist usually does not see the data center at all. The data scientist taps into the interfaces provided by the data engineer.

Data Analysts

The data analyst is sometimes responsible for the evaluation of the collected data and develops different concepts on the basis of these. The data analyst often has a strong connection to the company’s specialist department and includes dashboards, KPIs and SQL as a tool to analyze the business model with IT support.

Data visualization experts

The Data Visualization Expert graphically converts large amounts of data and is therefore responsible for the visualization of the data. Information gained through data engineering and data science is implemented by the data visualization expert in appealing diagrams, films or other media products. Care must be taken that the method of visualization used is adapted to the message and problem.

Data Translator / Storyteller

The task of the data translator or storyteller is to pass on sophisticated and detailed data analyzes to decision-makers, who usually have a problem with correctly interpreting the results obtained. The storyteller should convey the data and results to the decision maker in an understandable way. Traditional storytelling methods are often used.


It is essential and decisive for the success of the Advanced Data Analytics project that the above-mentioned roles are combined in a team and that the various skills are covered. The interaction ensures a high quality and meaningful result of the data analysis. Data science, data engineering, the right analysis and understandable communication are essential in advanced data analytics projects. It is not important here whether the required roles are exercised by different people individually or whether one person takes on several roles. This can lead to small, but also larger teams.

We, Expert-Extend from Bonn, help companies to strengthen their internal teams and put together qualified and high-quality teams with all the necessary skills and thus achieve the best possible results.


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