BigData and reporting services from the public cloud: but please professional, secure and controlled!

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Who doesn’t know it in their company: Reporting solutions such as Qlik, Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau spread extremely quickly. They are both a blessing and a curse. Employees from a wide variety of disciplines gain access to the services via the Internet, which are offered as so-called SaaS (Software as a Service). Here isn’t even one

Local installation on the laptop or PC is necessary, all you need to do is register with the respective solution provider.

While suppliers such as Microsoft advertise simple and uncomplicated solutions, any improper use of the analysis software is an enormous and incalculable risk for the company. It is often forgotten that this is critical data in the company which is transmitted to the cloud provider in an uncontrolled manner.

Frequent problem areas that we see in companies:

Classification of the confidentiality of the data: Do you really want to incorrectly hand over data classified as confidential to the cloud provider?

Location of data storage: Do you know where your data is located, for example – in Europe or the USA?

SLAs: Do your users use a trial version? Does this guarantee support from Microsoft and what happens to these test environments if data is lost? Most of the time, the cloud providers do not see themselves as having an obligation

External access: do external parties such as customers have or even unauthorized access to reports or data? Can you still monitor this with more than 100 users in the company?

Clear support structures: Who will support your users if they need help with your report? Who if technical problems arise? Do you really want to conclude expensive consulting contracts with the cloud providers here?

License models of the cloud providers: even if software is often offered free of charge, there are also free PowerBI desktop (Microsoft) available in addition to the pure SaaS models, which, even if they are free, still have to be licensed. Do you have one about this

Overview in case Microsoft knocks on your door or is asking a price for it next year?

Non-transparent costs: Professional analytics and BI services can be extremely complex and bring with them a wide variety of cost drivers. Do you know your costs and do you understand the billing models in detail that are specified by the cloud providers? Change your role from being driven to being driving and start understanding costs in detail.

Uncontrolled availability of new functions (features):

There are also other issues to consider, such as internal billing models in larger medium-sized and large companies or the link to current local systems.

Act now and don’t let the cloud providers drive you in the future and bring your systems under control; because with any cloud system you can set up an entire data center within a few minutes. Would you do this without planning? No? Then why do you allow this in the cloud?

Read in the next article which steps you have to take to get your data, BI and reporting solutions in the cloud under control! 


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